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U1 in the Deutsches Museum, Munich
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Author:  schultze [ Thu Mar 13, 2008 16:41 pm ]
Post subject:  U1 in the Deutsches Museum, Munich

Not actually KM, but thought folk might like to know -

I was in the Deutsches Museum in Munich today. I went in as I am trying to research a new tour, based around the various Luftwaffe exhibits they have. It was my first time in the museum and I have to say they have some impressive toys, including U1. (Got me thinking, esp with regard to what is happening to the Birkenhead vessel). U1 is substantially complete but with with big sections removed to allow the visitor to peer inside. It is a lot smaller than a Type VII boat. U1 was mainly used as a test bed and as a training ship for U-boot crews. As such it never saw front-line service. It was saved from being scrapped by the Allies after WW1 when a curator from the museum asked very nicely if he could have it for display.
Alongside U1 is a midget sub of "Seehund" type. This has been cut in two so that one can peer into the Gefechtstation.

I had no idea that there was so much to see in the museum. Anybody on a visit to Munich should have a look - or even better PM me for a private tour..you know it makes sense.

See also www.deutsches-museum.de

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