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.50cal bullet heads
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Author:  30thcammo [ Fri Nov 24, 2006 15:37 pm ]
Post subject:  .50cal bullet heads

I have .50cal cases coming out of my ears and links but need the heads to make up my display but at £50 per twenty as seen in Gun mart it seems a bit of a rip off when you compare prices in the states at $9 for fifty. What are the restrictions on bullet head purchases from the USA.
Or do any of you know who can do heads at a sensible price over here.
I do recall someone making up .50cal rounds at Beltring in one of the stalls at the front where World wide arms usually stalls out. Any leads.

Author:  FLAK 88 [ Fri Nov 24, 2006 21:15 pm ]
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Try Mike Priest.....

Telephone 01303 874432

Mobile 07989 628518


If I remember correctly I paid 90p a head from Detling (also I think they were dummy heads but excellant quality).

He drove past me at work a few weeks ago and after a short chat he told me that he does a belt of 25 rounds for £30.

If the moderators read this and think it's wrong to place phone numbers etc with in the message then please be informed that I took it all from a buisness card he gave me.

Author:  m3bobby [ Fri Nov 24, 2006 21:24 pm ]
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Mikes a top bloke to deal with!

Author:  ww2anorak [ Tue Dec 05, 2006 21:04 pm ]
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How Bizarre!

Just registered yesterday and this is my first visit - I was looking to see what the going rate would be for a bag of 100 .50cal brass heads I picked up on E-bay a couple of years back before they got all iffy about such things.

I had planned to mount a .50cal on my jeep's M31 pedestal, but am now leaning more towards a .30cal instead, so won't use these I guess.

I'm in sunny Bournemouth - want to make me a sensible offer?

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